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We have had a lot of positive feedback this week on our parental portal. If you have not already logged in, please do so via the following link:

Within the first few days of its launch we already have over a third of parents using the site to keep up to date on information about their child. Please make sure you do not miss out.

On Friday, we say farewell to Vanessa Sulley, who has made an enormous contribution to the life of Ibstock Community College. As an important part of the pastoral team, Mrs Sulley has supported countless students, ensuring that they have had the best possible support. Her clarity of thinking and commitment to high standards of behaviour have been an example to all and we wish her the best into the future. Thank you, Mrs Sulley.

Our assemblies this week have remembered the victims of the holocaust and the students have again shown how receptive they are to their world and the need to learn from the past to inform their future. The assemblies, planned by our students, focused on the story of Martin Stern, who was taken from his school at the age of five. In this week of remembrance of the liberation of Auschwitz, we remembered the victims, not only those of Jewish origin, but also from the gay community, priests, Roma, people with mental or physical disabilities, communists, trade unionists, Jehovah's Witnesses, anarchists, Poles and other Slavic peoples, and resistance fighters. It is our commitment as a school to ensure that our students have clear moral guidance that means we hope that we can all prevent that kind of atrocity again.




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