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One of the principles that is important at Ibstock is to value and learn from the past. A temptation in our rapidly changing world is to keep our eyes on the future and make preparation for that. The study of history, however, ensures that we can learn from those that came before us and by standing on their shoulders, see further into the future.

I was presented this week with the log book for Ibstock School, from the very beginnings of the school in 1928. It is a fascinating read, written in the copperplate writing of the first headteacher, Mr J V Measures.  The school opened in a half-finished state, but was soon up and running as a school for 398 students.

Mr Measures writes with passion for the school and the children within it. His descriptions of the outbreak of World War Two and the billeting of evacuees are very moving and his final record as headteacher in 1951 is a testament to those who work in education:

“I have loved my work and the children who have been under my care. Bookwork has been of importance of course, but it has been of secondary importance. I have striven for higher things and more lasting things”

Ibstock has a rich history that surrounds our children every day of their studies, whether that is the plaque in humanities, commemorating the opening of the school;  the memorial garden to remember those who worked at the school; the plaque remembering Mr Measures or the mining history commemorated in the plaques above the youth club.

The staff today take our responsibility for the school very seriously. We want to ensure that these symbols of the past are cared for, but that also we ensure that the core values of Ibstock Community College are truly a lasting testament to our work.

Today I am pleased to issue to you the Ofsted report, which you should find as a hard copy in your son or daughter’s bag and also as a link on our website. There is much to be pleased with in the report, but especially the fact that the Ofsted judgement matches the college’s own evaluation of where we are currently.  We know where we need to develop  as we learn from the past and what we have achieved, and we will ensure that all who pass through the doors of Ibstock can experience the best possible. The areas where we need to develop are ones on which we have already been working throughout this academic year. Thank you for the parents who have shared views with me over the past week and thank you to our staff who will ensure that Ibstock Community College shines.


David Phillips







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